Google Advertising

STUBZ will tailor ads to suit your industries needs, do deep data and keyword search analysis, measure your growth, and crush any bugs in your systems. Because the view is always better from the top of the page.

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  • Hit your revenue goals alongside a team of growth marketing experts that’s transparent about strategy and execution

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  • We continually test, track and optimize your ad spend for maximum profitability. Which basically means, we hate wasting money
  • How do Google Ads work? How are they different from Digital Marketing Ads?

    Through clickable text Google Adwords at the top of search engine results pages and product listings in Google Shopping, Google Ads connects billions of potential customers to products and services. The system has an auction-like format, although the highest bidder isn’t necessarily the winner because success hinges on how well your ad copy matches with the user’s intent and how quickly and easily they can find you. Rather than bidding on a frequency or number of users your ad gets shown to, you’re bidding on a specific keyword and only pay whenever someone clicks. Your advertising expense is based on how much Google has valued that keyword at. The more niche the keyword is, the lower the value is likely to be. Keywords with a great deal of competition for that top ranking will cost more. What ultimately separates Google ads from other types of PPC like Facebook ads is that search ads are based on intent while social ads are based on interests. Both types can be effectively used in different ways, but many business owners trying PPC for the first time often use the same PPC strategy interchangeably and don’t get many conversions when they try the other type.

  • Why is Google Advertising important?

    When deciding how to market your business and grow your online presence, there are so many different forms of digital marketing out there now: content, social media, email marketing, and there’s a wide array of free and accessible tools to get started as well as robust, highly technical solutions like Salesforce and HubSpot. There are even different types of PPC ads to add to this list like social, mobile, and third-party display ads. But what makes Google Ads stand out from all of these is the user’s intent. When you hear “SEO and SEM”, they’re essentially content and search ads respectively. Content is a long game where it can take a while to rise in ranking. Google advertising is direly important for your business because it’s immediate once you launch the campaign. Your ad is displayed right at the top of the page instantly. Most of all, there’s intent when users are searching for something: someone who’s looking up pizza places in downtown Rochester, MN will have the intent to click on your ad for that pizza place located closest to them. This is what SEM is: using the power of search to market to people who have intent because it’s incredibly effective to capitalize on intent. Billions of Google searches are performed daily, so your ad can get your company more exposure than social media presence and content alone. A well-designed Google Ads campaign can prove to be a fortuitous investment in driving traffic to your site since Google is the de facto go-to search engine. Google also controls 71% of the search engine market, so your ads will not only show up on Google search results pages but also in their networks. AdSense is one of largest ad networks that appear on third-party sites and it harnesses visitors’ search history. This means that your ads can also be seen by additional relevant audiences outside of search engines as well.