Amazon Advertising

STUBZ provides full management of sponsored product ads, sponsored brands, & product display advertising campaigns across your entire product catalog. We implement real-time keyword harvesting and negative keyword harvesting for your Amazon PPC sponsored product campaigns. We A/B test Ad Creative and headline copy for sponsored brand and product display ads.

Why Choose This Service

  • We’ve perfected the advertising playbook for success
  • Every ad type is optimized on Amazon

Our Work Benefits

  • Our methodology for success blends strategy, best practices and tech to drive real results
  • We will work within your budget to maximize conversions and growth
  • How quickly can we get started?

    We usually begin with a new client 2-3 weeks after a signed service agreement. We use the time before starting services to prepare our team for service launch. We do things like transfer knowledge from our engagement strategist to your dedicated marketing team members, find a writer specifically for your business and prepare tools and templates for you. This preparation helps us create a smooth and easy transition with our clients. However, if you need to start immediately, talk to us and we can schedule our team to begin as soon as possible with your engagement.

  • Is there a minimum marketing budget we should allocate?

    Yes, each advertising platform (Amazon, Facebook, or Google) will have it’s recommended minimum ad spend. Once we’ve had the opportunity to learn more about your business and goals, our team will audit and research to recommend a minimum budget to be allocated towards ad spend.