Brownsburg, IN – We are pleased to announce that Rackulator has renewed its partnership with Canadian Whitetail TV. With the success that Canadian Whitetail has harvesting world-class whitetails each season this partnership makes perfect sense.

“We at Rackulator are proud to be a part of Dean Partridge’s Canadian Whitetail TV show,” says Sean Regan, President of Rackulator. “Dean and his team embody the spirit and lifestyle we believe in. Rackulator, a company built by sportsmen for sportsmen, feel it is our responsibility to produce the very best products for use and education for our customers. Every episode of Canadian Whitetail offers the viewer some of the best education and all-around hunting experience, we are proud to help provide that viewer experience.

About Canadian Whitetail TV:

Raised on his family farm near Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Dean Partridge learning about hunting whitetail deer at a very young age. This turned from a pastime to a lifestyle. Becoming involved in the outdoor industry, Dean noticed that there were no dedicated Canadian Whitetail programs, even though Canada holds some of the best whitetail hunting destinations. The birth of Canadian Whitetail Television happened with the help of a crew of experienced whitetail hunters. The goal was to bring viewers exciting over the shoulder trophy Whitetail action. Dean produced the first 100% archery Whitetail Video to come from Canada, Full Draw Whitetails.

About Rackulator:

Rackulator is a company built by dedicated outdoors men and women. Our goal is to help everyday hunters and huntresses find an even deeper appreciation for the big game animal that was harvested.

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