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Reveal Cell Cams

How REVEAL Cell Cam took the hunting industry by storm Cellular trail cameras have grown to immense popularity in the hunting industry in recent years. STUBZ worked with Tactacam to help introduce/launch the REVEAL Cell Cam brand and raise digital awareness in the marketplace.The Results Social MediaManagementDigital AdManagement0-90k Page LIKESin first 2 years on Facebook0-32k


Tactacam to the moon ­čîÖ Have you ever wondered how people manage to capture such unbelievable footage of their hunts? Insert Tactacam. STUBZ has been fortunate enough to work with Tactacam in many different ways to help scale the brand generating an incredible ROI.The Results Social MediaManagementDigital AdManagement3,500+ FollowersAverage New Monthly Page FollowersProduct Launchesssisted with

Monster Meal

How we helped MonsterMeal grow 60k+ followers in a single year There are roughly 11.4 million deer hunters across the U.S. MonsterMeal is the category leader in the deer feed and attractants. STUBZ worked with MonsterMeal to assist with a rebrand and grow awareness in the marketplace.The Results Social MediaManagementDigital AdManagement5,000+ FollowersAverage New Monthly Page

Syntek Outdoors

How Rackulator grew DTC revenue 140% YOY in first year with STUBZ Whether they want to admit it or not, if someone shoots a big buck they want to know what it scores. This is where Syntek Outdoors Rackulator electronic scoring device has taken over. STUBZ was brought in to assist with brand overhaul, grow